In the Indonesian city of Semarang, there was trouble brewing. But not in the form of anything violent or negative. From August 25th to 26th- 2018, thanks to the team at Drips and Drops and some very motivated local talent, Montana-Cans was very happy to support the “PRESSURE DROPS- Semarang” graffiti jam. In the heat of the on coming Indonesian spring, the Montana BLACK cans were spraying furiously. Their purpose was to brighten a dark, subterranean, drain motif which came to life with the addition of some highly colorful styles. The artworks were created by the artists: FDZL08 / HOKAGE / INONK / MEDCROPHONE / MOCK / SENOZ / STOKEMAKI / SWOD / WALKINK / YAKE. The temple wall at Jl. Kampung Karang Tempel Jekso, took on a whole new life that was in keeping with the colorful reality that is daily life in Indonesia. PRESSURE DROPS Semarang 2018

Indonesian concept mural

Pressure Drops Semarang 2018

The meet was luckily captured on film so take a moment to taste some Asian flavour here.