There is seldom moments when the past and the present sit harmoniously in one space. Only nature manages to make this possible. Until now… The German based artist duo of Thomas Granseuer und Tomislav Topic (aka Quintessenz), have achieved an amazing balance of the past (in the context of a 400 year old ruine), present (in the form of mesh colored with Montana GOLD) and even a touch of the future by way of chromatic gradience eluding to the digital world we fall into deeper and deeper every day. Quintessenz Kagatika’s Secret

New installation on the Greek island of Paxos

Quintessenz – “Kagatika’s Secret”

The setting was a stunning natural treasure by way of the island of Paxos, Greece. The catalyst for the installation was the Paxos contemporary art project. And the setting for this majestic installation was the quaint little village of Kagatika. Far away from the hustle, bustle and visual distraction of big city life. Check it out here.

The 120 color shades draw the viewer in and out of its space. The wind slowing stroking the mesh creates waves of energy and synergy. One can all but imagine that this artwork was only possible in this space and context. Not to mention a dream location for Quintessenz to create their work.

All images by Jewgeni Roppel / Quintessenz