The hottest dog around

It has been quite a few years since our first brief introduction to the German graffiti artist SUPERSPRAY on the Montana Blog. Via a small essay prepared by fellow graffiti artist Jim129, we were alerted to some of the many strengths and unique factors of SUPERSPRAY‘s work that have not gone unnoticed by a larger world audience since. As we have already learned, there is a lot more to the artist SUPERSPRAY than just this name. With as many styles as he has aliases, SUPERSPRAY, is also known as RIPS, and prolifically as HOT DOG. The word “Hot Dog” is not exactly a word that reaks of graffiti spirit or culture. However, for those in the know, the word and therefore the artist HOT DOG is a symbol of style, innovation, and just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek humor to make every piece worth visiting and revisiting.

There are many factors to SUPERSPRAY’s graffiti writing that make him a standout artist from the vast array of talent coming out of his home city Hamburg, out of Germany, and from abroad. Style is just one of them. Although his pieces have often referred to those who came before him, his style is always unique and recognizable as only his. Whether it be a homage to a graffiti legend or a new invention of a re-invention, his work is often so simple that it appears complicated. And the same in reverse.

Re-introducing graffiti artist SUPERSPRAY

SUPERSPRAY is not afraid to paint outside the box. Or the circle, the background, or any other shape for that matter. As touched on in the essay by Jim129, for those that look at a SUPERSPRAY piece for the first time unaware of who he is or what he does, they could quickly come to the assumption that the artist is young. However, even quicker, they promptly realize that the artwork before them has been done by a technically apt graffiti veteran who has made conscious choices to paint the piece exactly as he wanted. With a touch of rebellion and a healthy dose of humor, SUPERSPRAY, HOT DOG, RIPS (or whatever it is you know of him as), has carved a unique path in his local, national, and international graffiti scene.

SUPERSPRAY‘s graffiti practice offers visual references from many orientations. Sometimes repeatedly. He has mastered everything from blockbusters, bubble letters, semi-wild styles, all the way through to classic New York-influenced styles. An endless variety of characters, illustrative and humorous renditions of his friends and favorite graffiti writers are also present in his work. References time, like the dynamic colors and imagery of art from the 60s and 70s, or psychedelic art and the 90s rave culture make us wonder how old he is? Not forgetting his effortless ability to play with words. All this with unquestionable technical skill and the knowledge of knowing what to put where. Clean or dirty, straight or rounded. This hot dog doesn’t need any sauce, it is tasty as it is.

This article was also published on the recent MontanaCans LOOKBOOK #07 / 2022
Text by René van Kan/MontanaCans, Photos by Superspray

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