On June 15 eight international artists turned a 60 meter long street in the heart of Vienna into a beautiful piece of art dedicated to Spot the Dot. Spot the Dot is a foundation using urban art to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer which is in the top 3 of most common cancer types amongst young people and most of them are not aware of that! Research showed that people in the younger age categories check their skin least of all, while early detection can be crucial. This was the main motivation for Spot the Dot to ask people to rebel against the ignorance about skin cancer. Rebel against skin cancer street in Vienna

Adam Cohen, Rudolf Fitz, Mariella Lehner, David Leitner, Neda Nikolic, Rosabel Rosalind, Sebastian Schager and Anny Wass

The street art functions as a conversation starter about the importance of prevention and detection of skin cancer. This project was supported by Montana Cans. This event was part of the ongoing Rebel against skin cancer campaign. More information via: www.spotthedot.org

Photography by Doris Schiffer and video by Markus Tozzer