The vibrant and lively Mur du Souffle Festival 2023, brought more than a vivid splash of color to walls; it sparked a unifying and hopeful fight against cystic fibrosis. Held from September 22-24, it attracted an astounding 5,800 visitors from various walks of life. Artists, set against their expansive canvases, created pieces and canvas works, while attendees of all ages explored their creative sides in free workshops and savored authentic Bokits. All, remarkably located a stone’s throw from accessible transportation and a lush park.

This year, a record-breaking sum will be donated to medical research and patient support, thanks to the unwavering dedication of forty volunteers. Montana Cans supported the event by enabling artists to bring their visions to life, providing high-quality materials.

A noteworthy piece by artist Kilat adorns a tram fairing and is available for purchase, with proceeds earmarked for the association. Looking ahead, the commitment and battle against cystic fibrosis continue, with eyes and hearts set on the 2025 edition of the festival.

All images by Kafar 33