Reflecting on a magical moment of Metropolink 2020

In the European summer of 2020, we were probably not that aware of what the future had installed for us. And as everyone has experienced, we still aren’t. But what we do know was in August 2020, the Spanish duo PichiAvo painted their stunning mural at the Heidelberg main station in Germany for the METROPOLINK festival. Since then, the public art machine in the form of mural festivals has well and truly slowed down. But they haven’t stopped. Instead, they lay in hibernation planning and plotting, just waiting for a green light to spring back into life. That doesn’t mean the Montana GOLD and BLACK cans have been packed away in storage, just that the big public murals they are often seen in use for are yet to get underway. 

In light of the optimism of a scheduled start for the 2021 METROPOLINK sometime in summer, the team from METROPOLINK is proud to announce the April 2nd release of “PichiAvo”, filmed during the duo’s presence during their visit and painting at the 2020 METROPOLINK festival. If you need a reminder of the amazing mural, watch this video!

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Film & Photography by Schreiber & Pötter