Recently the artist duo Bane (Chur, Switzerland) & Pest (Zypress, Greek) invited friends to paint the halls of the event location – a mixture of Graff shop, hall-of fame and Gallery Space located in Zürich. On the occasion, all Color Nomads and other friends were invited to watch the film “RECOVER – Street Art in Chernobyl”, a project that was initiated by the artists Bane & Pest. Here some impressions from the gathering in Zürich… RECOVER JAM ZÜRICH SWITZERLAND

Meats, Rusl (DE), Dhal (KOR), Smile (PT), Billy Gee (GR), Lune82 (GR), Alex Martinez (GR) Tasso (DE) Mr. Woodland (DE) Task (DE).

All Images by  Chritz

Making of

Make sure to watch the trailer “RECOVER – street art in Chernobyl”: