Montana Cans deciphers an icon: the Reebok Classic Leather

Montana Cans teamed up with Reebok to reimagine a classic, the Reebok classic to be precise. Inspired by the Blackout and Whiteout Series, the outcome presents a playful approach which takes upon a constant duality which revolves around the game of graffiti.

Reebok Classic x Montana Cans Collabo Fall Winter 2017

The pack consists of a predominantly black pair, with a white heel and a somewhat inverted white version. On the black pair, the details seem to be applied with a white enamel, whereas its counterpart depicts a more prominently placed black Reebok logo on the side of the otherwise all-white shoe. Usually details like paint stains come with time, involuntarily and by accident, due to the wear and tear caused under mysterious circumstances, often whilst midnight marauding. In this case however, these details are carefully placed and a conscious choice, paying homage to Montana Cans heritage. Hints towards the origin of these marks are subtle, yet members of the club will decode them with ease. As several analogies to urban art contexts are translated into the design of both pairs, the result of the collaboration between Montana and Reebok almost feels natural.

Reebok Classic x Montana Cans Collabo Fall Winter 2017

Black and white represent complete opposites of the visible light spectrum. As black absorbs all light, white on the contrary, reflects all light. The stark contrast between the inherent properties of the two tones easily allows an allegory to day and night. A nocturnal scenery, as mirrored in the black pair, provides a perfect surrounding for hidden adventures, such as painting graffiti. Reebok Classic x Montana Cans Collabo Fall Winter 2017

The combination of black and white spray paint is also an essential choice for urban artists, who want to emphasize their style and maximize the legibility of their artworks. Black and white is always a timeless choice, especially for #classicgraffiti. Maybe the underlying reference to the light of the day versus the dark of the night subconsciously influences artists in their choice of color. Black paint drizzles are clearly visible on the white pair, as if a flash picture has been taken in total darkness. Being a little more blunt than the black pair, the white one might just be as useful to camouflage and blend into an urban crowd, after secretly emerging from a hatch. So, the collaboration represents seemingly contradicting notions of light and dark. They are public yet discreet. Like Yin and Yang, both colorways complement each other. The given context will determine which of the two will be the more suitable choice. However, either pair also carries properties of its opponent. In night missions, luminous flash pictures might be taken for mere safety, in case the sunny next morning benching is sabotaged by a too eager buff, let alone the boys in blue.

Reebok Classic x Montana Cans Collabo Fall Winter 2017

The interplay of sunray and shadows is cleverly resonated in the design of both versions. Simultaneously, the design approach plays with the idea of an individual and authentic look after accompanying their owner during their adventures, where paint stains might be collateral damages. Like creases, their amount may increase with wear. Here, these details particularly show the DNA of Montana already on the brand new crisp pair. The upper sits on a comfy Eva sole that provides a comfortable ride in any situation. Fully made of leather, both pairs are made to stand the test of time and fit as easily through the hole in a freshly cut fence, as they navigate through the lines in front of your favorite nightclub.

Reebok Classic X Montana Cans is launched worldwide at November 18th 2017

Reebok Classic x Montana Cans Collabo Fall Winter 2017

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all images by MONTANA-CANS & Edward Nightingale

Reebok Classic x Montana Cans Collabo Fall Winter 2017