Freighthopping with the NAWAS crew

You’re hungry, and the cold ravioli meal you ate at the start of the day has long had the energy of its last calorie squeezed out of it. Moisture is everywhere, the steel your laying on is wet and the wind is making it feel like it’s 3 degrees. Your choice of clothing is adequate but warm and comfortable is definitely another version of this story. You haven’t changed your underpants in days and nobody has figured out that, that funky smell you always seem to get a drift of is actually your feet. For those that know, this is the reality of freighthopping.
The NAWAS crew from Belgium are renowned for their prolific output on European trains, and above all their clever, contemporary version of concept graffiti style writing. In a recent adventure of steel of a different type, some of the members documented a short adventure while hopping the freight trains of Europe. Their adventure was dubbed the “ROAD TO NOWHERE“.
With backpacks full of Montana BLACK cans, some ULTRA WIDE’s, and some reserve nozzles, there wasn’t any room for electric toothbrushes or items of comfort. If it couldn’t be worn to stay dry or warm, eaten to stay alive, or sprayed to leave a mark, then it wasn’t necessary. That is, except for a good camera and pre-charged batteries as an exception.
Leaving out all the dirty, challenging, and uncomfortable parts, “ROAD TO NOWHERE” takes on a glass half full look, capturing the inspirational and romantic glimpses of freighthopping and leaving all the negative aspects out to be forgotten by everyone except those who experienced it. Take a moment here to watch the film and remember how warm, dry, clean, and comfortable you are as you do.