“Intercultural Balance” by Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez

The 39 year old Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez aka ZOONCHEZ, brought a touch of sunshine to the city of Mannheim, Germany. Not just as his home is sunny Spain, but with his good mood and positive outlook, he left a warm mural behind on the streets of Neckarstadt-West for Montana Cans supported, 2019 Stadt.Wand.Kunst (SWK) festival.

Ruben Sanchez Mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst

His mural titled “Intercultural Balance” is far from just a pretty picture. The arms, legs, figures, instruments, flowers, abstract forms and a bicycle all have their purpose asside from aesthetics. “We are walking backwards” Sanchez said, as he refered to the current state of Europe and it’s right wing tendancies. The artists feels that balance is present in his mural but missing in contemporary Europe.


Ruben Sanchez Mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst

The figures and instruments in his mural suggest the balance of a band. Where all musicians play in harmony together, paying attention to and accepting each others own characteristics and roles within the song. His use of bicycle symbology explores the idea of going in one direction, together. Something that is not happening politically or culturally in Europe at the moment.




Regardless of if you want to read greater meaning into the work, or simply enjoy it’s warmth and positivity. “Multicultural Balance” is a breath of fresh air to the street scapes of Mannheim.  And with a multitude of strong Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD colors, it will shine and illuminate the local Mannheim residents and passers-by for many years to come.

Ruben Sanchez Mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst

Ruben Sanchez Mural for Stadt.Wand.Kunst 2019, “Intercultural Balance”


If you can’t make it to SWK to see for yourself, then take a look here at the finished work!

visist the artist’s website  |  Stadt.Wand.Kunst website


Photography by © Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans