Discovering the forgotten, in full length

In a recent post on the Montana-Cans blog, we featured a teaser of the Polish short film, “Rurales”. Since that post, the film has been travelling the globe exclusively featured at festivals, exhibitions and in fine art spaces. The full length film is available to see online.

Rurales is a film by Jakub Goździewicz, that documents a van full of Polish urban artists travelling through the countryside of their birthplace. Trying to discover those forgotten towns and villages that have been covered in dust and untold stories.


Each village offers its challenges as the artists travel around, asking owners of farms, sheds and buildings of interest, for permission to paint on their property. Once it’s clear the work will be done for free, a lot of residents open their doors and their stories, opening a dialogue between young and old, old and new.

Watch here how Jay-Pop, Seikon, Krik Kong, SC Szyman and Sainer of of the Etam Cru, brighten up the country Polish side and create some unspoken bonds at the same time.