The Coronavirus has been overly present in the media since its arrival early this year. Yes, information is necessary, but does it all need to be bad? In a recent collaboration between METROPOLINK Festival, UNITED WE STREAM, and ARTE CONCERT in Germany, the mold was broken and some positivity in the Corona time was shared through the wires of the internet, to the armchairs and screens of the world.

Featuring artists Samy Deluxe, WOW 123, and SWEETUNO, a large 3-man mural was created at the PHV building which is the current hub for the METROPOLINK mural festival. With a shopping trolley full of Montana GOLD and BLACK cans, the massive 3 level mural consisted of individual blocks, 3 x 3  created by each artist. Colors blended as styles flowed, just as the concert by another legendary Germany hip hop artist Toni L, who played for a worldwide online crowd shortly after the completion of the mural.

For United We Stream

While “socializing” is taking a corona vacation, the point is being made that in times of social distance, socializing is still important. Important for individuals and important for society. The UNITED WE STREAM group brings the positivity normally felt while experiencing music at a concert, while SWEETUNO, WOW123, and SAMY DELUXE help bring the art of METROPOLINK to your home.

Take a look and see how it all happened here!