Scale stands for setting the bar, magnitude, a spectrum – these statements reflect the central core of this exceptional art project taking place in Munich in June. This event taking place on the grounds of the former Siemens Campus in the Hofmannstrasse will showcase works of 15 street art artists for one entire week. The artists, including some of the most internationally acclaimed in the field, will cover several hundred square meters of wall space on the adjacent buildings with enormous murals. SCALE – Urban WallArt Munich 2017

Exhibition takes place from June 24th till July 1st 2017

Participating artists
Arzy (ES), Axel Void (USA), DAIM (D), jana&js (AT/FR), Loomit (D), Daniel Man (D), Okuda (ES), Os Gemeos (BR), Sainer (PL), SatOne (D), Stone Age Kids (D)


All images by SCALE – Urban WallArt Munich

Such a focused concentration of high-caliber artists on one location, simultaneously given access to an “open air work space” consisting of gigantic, exposed surfaces for open interpretation raises the bar, as it is one-of-a-kind in the region to date. This project incorporates both teamwork and a sense of belonging within the global street art community. Extraordinary artists from Germany, Austria, France, England, Poland, the USA and Brazil will meet up and work together. They will be able to gain inspiration, exchange ideas and play off one another. However, each artist will be allocated a defined surface area for the realization of their own visual images. In this manner, the project will provide artists a platform for interaction while at the same time allowing freedom of individual expression.
The PAT ART LAB, a new project realized by PATRIZIA Immobilien AG is host, initiator, and festival sponsor.

Information on the artists and current program updates can be found at: