Every summer, the quaint town of Babenhausen in Germany bursts into a colorful spectacle, playing host to the annual “Schrotti” Jam. This vibrant graffiti jam draws graffiti writers from all corners of Germany, making it a melting pot of styles, stories, and spray cans. More than just an art gathering, “Schrotti” is a celebration of live acts, fun, and the unfettered freedom of expression. It’s an experience where style writing knows no bounds, and graffiti artists come together to share their passion and prowess.

Schrotti Jam

As with many prominent graffiti events, Montana Cans proudly supports the “Schrotti” Jam, echoing its dedication to fostering and uplifting the graffiti community. Dive deeper and explore the pieces of this year’s gathering!

Photography by @markus_christl_krixl