16 murals, 18 artists and a week of non-relenting rain. The Hawaiian island of Maui knows what this means as “Sea Walls Maui”, in partnership with the Pangeaseed Foundation attempted to give oceans the voice they so desperately need through the creation of public art. The artist were guided by the theme “Mauka to Makai” (loosely, “Mountains to Ocean”). With this in mind they developed their designs and concepts around messages devoting their energies to saving and improving the health of ocean ecosystems and all their inhabitants.

Pangeaseed Foundation in Wailuku

The project was 1.5 years in the making after “Matt” the director of project returned to the island in 2016, after finishing his art studies in San Diego. While there he volunteered for another Pangeaseed project. Ever since, his mission was to bring public art with purpose to the island of Maui.

work in process
Final Murals

Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans complimented many brushes and countless liters of acrylic bucket paint to create this wonderful world of color. All though the on again-off again rain didn’t exactly help things, it didn’t stop great things happening either. Take a look here at the transformation.

All images by ©Tre_Packard