As the winter chill sets in here in Germany and the festive season unfolds its magic, we at Montana Cans embrace the holiday spirit with a message of peace, freedom, and creative expression. As we gather to celebrate, our thoughts go out to everyone, wishing them a world filled with peace and the freedom to be themselves. Merry Xmas to all, and here’s to a bright and colorful new year!

This year’s highlight is the stunning “Merry Xmas” wall, brought to life by the talented German Graffiti Writer HORST. Equipped with Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans, Horst has transformed a simple wall into a vibrant testament to the holiday spirit. His work stands as a beacon of joy and creativity, encapsulating the essence of what we cherish during this time of the year.


To our Montana Cans family and the global community of artists, we send our warmest holiday greetings. May this season fill your hearts with happiness and your minds with inspiration. Let’s continue to spread joy, color, and positivity into the world.

Artwork and Photography – Thanks to HORST and TEAM COMBO!