Twenty twenty may be a year we never forget. And if we are lucky, our children or our children’s children will. To say 2020 was eventful is an understatement. For many of us, we experienced LOCKDOWN for the first time in every country and all regions. The experience of lockdown may have been perceived differently all over the globe, but if it did one thing, it brought all of humanity together for the first time. Connecting us through masks, clean hands, and working/learning from home.

MONTANA-CANS would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, partners, and contributors for their cooperation, consideration, and support during this difficult time of crisis. The MONTANA-CANS headquarters in Heidelberg will be closed for a short break to recover and recharge for the oncoming achievements and challenges in 2021. We look forward to returning in January to continue our work together and pushing things forward.

We wish you all a relaxing Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May your 2020 end harmoniously, and your 2021 start with health and prosperity. We hope you and your families can remain confident and calm to face the oncoming challenges that lie ahead. In 2021, we will all proceed together in understanding and tolerance. Let us stick together and meet the challenges head-on constructively. As a united people, as artists, and as a creative collective! Remember to laugh, smile, and not be overcome by fear. And above all, let’s keep adding color to the world!

Yours sincerely,