The Secret Wars battle was not going to be stopped by a virus. Last week in round 5, Nadine Faulhaber and Felix Hülpmann locked horns. But locking horns at 1.5m distance with the audience wearing masks is a different experience to that of the normal, no boundaries, shoulder-rubbing SECRET WARS battle. Oh well, it is still good to be social again. For this battle, it was decided that the artworks would be created on 2 stretched canvases (gratefully supplied by mh&p Das Keilrahmenwerk). 30 minutes were given to create the artworks before the audience, the judge Leon, and the auction took place. 

Secret Wars Round #5 Recap

Leon, who was also the DJ for the night, did not have light work of deciding. As is usual, the artworks both turned out very cool! But the winning point went to Nadine for her Jelly fish-themed image. The second point was judged by the audience who went for the other competitor Felix, leaving a 1:1 result. The Auction also didn’t instantly bring a result as both images had €150 bids on them. That is till an Instagrammer bid came in at €160 and pushed the decision Felix’s way. 2:1 for Felix, who would need to put the Montana BOLD and ACRYLIC markers back in hand for round 6.

Speaking of which, round 6 will take place on Sunday the 14th of July in conjunction with the Deichbrands (online) Festival. Stay tuned for the next battle recap.