Round 31 – Montana BOLD markers put to the test

Round 31 of the SECRET WARS drawing battle took place in Hamburg, Germany. And with the Montana BOLD markers pumping the Luscious black ULTRA ink, team Scribblaholics from Berlin and team Dotu from Hamburg were put to the challenge. Both teams bringing with them a huge following of spectators and supporters. So much so that many had to wait in the cold to get in and others never made it in at all.

For the first time, round 31 saw the competing teams in a situation where they could not see each other. Thus, not knowing what it was they were battling against. With special guest tattooist Freundin Farbe banging out ink in the venue, and DJ Plazebo mixing tunes, the crowd was dazzled by an endless supply of inspiration in every form. But in the end it was the artwork that everyone was there to see and Hamburg’s own Team Dotu, took the prize and earnt their place in the future battle(s).

With 700€ being raised for Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. from the sale of the created artworks, it could be said that the event was a success for all. See for yourself here:


All images by Phill Dy Na Mite