What do you need to survive the Chicago winters if your a graffiti writer? You need Montana Winter Gloves, Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans. You also need some many layers of clothing. But the true secret is a packet of “Rap Snacks”. The German graffiti artist “SEMOR the mad one” is normally a Cologne resident. A lover of all things graffiti he recently visited the windy city of Chicago to help add some pigment to the otherwise grey wintery surrounds.

Under the elevated lines…

With some help from fellow artists Amuse126, Merlot, Stuk, FQ, Gem, Fonte, Nerd, Hufu and many more, he survived the harsh customs interrogation on entry, the bitter Chicago cold, but he also managed to spread some of his German abstract lettering styles on the facade’s of the US city thanks to the WINTERPROOF reliability of Montana Cans. With his stomach lined with an unhealthy load of fat and oil from the local cuisine, SEMOR managed to impress the locals with his unique style. It is flavored with not only German, but also international graffiti exposure. SEMOR seems to have little rest and can be seen active in countries and galleries all over the world. Take a look at some of the highlights to his American adventure here.

All images by the artist SEMOR