SHUE77 JBCB x Montana Store ViennaThe 16th feature artist at MSV

With the easing of the Coronavirus restrictions in Austria, the Montana Store Vienna has re-opened its doors with the latest feature artist and exhibition. For the sixteenth show at the MSV, the honors this time were taken by local Austrian artist, SHUE77 JBCB.

Since the early 2000s’ SHUE77 has been adding color to his city. In varying styles over uncountable formats. Since his beginnings, he has been using the time to develop a variety of approaches that all fit comfortably under the category of graffiti stylewriting (and beyond). With a drawing hand that is as stable as his spraying hand(s), SHUE77 created a series of printed drawn artworks for his show, that are signed and available for sale. But it didn’t end there for the spectators who came out for the opening and afterward. SHUE77 also created the fresh, in-store piece on the walls of the MSV gallery, which has become a ritual for any MSV exhibition.

If you can’t make your way to the Montana Store Vienna, take a moment here to see what you missed out on!

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