Huge Mural by London Graffiti artists VOYDER and 45RPM

Forget about the ground floor. Let’s go straight to first and second floors! English artists VOYDER and 45RPM spend many hours creating art for “the man”. Even though commission work pays the bills, it doesn’t often scratch the itch that a writer may have to simply paint graffiti. So when VOYDER saw a loosely sketched snake by 45RPM on the corner of a commission brief, he knew that was exactly what would scratch his itch!

“Enter the SNAKE”

A lot of back and forth messaging took place but in the end a quality design took shape. A perfect balance between the snake motif, some clever integrated letters and some very fresh colors. Shortly after a suggestion by a contact to consider a big spot that no one else would bother to break their backs or wallets on to paint. Add in 2 balconies and only a 1 meter space between wall and hand rail and you had all the pieces of a very challenging creative puzzle. It was now that the SNAKE mural could begin. See for yourself here how their mural took shape.

120 empty cans of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD later, a full day of painting with no breaks. And generally, a lot of hard work later the piece was done. And worth all the effort! Friend, videographer and drone pilot Louis Thornton was also on the hunt for a new challenge to test his drone piloting skills, making the snake mural even more appealing to the three of them.

Images by the artists | Drone shots by Luis Thornton