Two heads are often better than one. The art duo SNIK, based in the UK show that this statement can be true. Or at least it seems to benefit their artistic collaboration if their artworks are anything to go by. It also seems to aid their creative drive that the pair are male and female. With 10+ years of collaboration, SNIK’s focus lays in the details of the dynamic. With a strong use of stencil cuts in their artwork, SNIK has an uncanny knack of capturing the details of everyday life in images that often appear dynamic and in motion. Whether it be a detail like hair or the unique choice in a puzzle of layers, SNIK is definitely taking things forward in their field. We were lucky connect with them on a recent project called SERENITY in Manchester, England. With an armory of Montana GOLD and BLACK cans, some amazing creative moves were made despite the adverse weather conditions. In the words of the artists themselves below, the SERENITY project was a lot more than just something beautiful to look at. SNIK Serenity Mural Manchester

In the shadow of Stevenson Square in Manchester, in the northern quarter in Little Lever Street , where over 100 years ago, the Suffragettes once gathered defiant , Cities of Hope is proud to reveal the first of our Tributes to Hope. This tribute is in gratitude to all women that stand against injustice. A recognition of their strength, resolve and dignity, A testimony to what they have endured and still endure, to make the world a better place, for all of us.

We honour you, we witness your courage and are humbled by your sacrifice. Serenity is the production of the female and male partnership that is SNIK. A representation of this struggle for equality, as she moves on from the hardships, troubles and pain of the past, to a new future made possible only through the selfless deed of those that have come before, those that are amongst us now and those that are yet to come.

Serenity moves up, down or to the sides. She moves in to the past and beyond to the future. Her purpose, to inspire those who refuse to lose hope, who continue to believe. Where there is inequality, so also is Serenity. A reminder to all of us, that we do not stand alone, we have never stood alone.

All images by @fifthwalltv and a thanks to @citiesofhope for the organising