In modern day graffiti, the concept of loosing ones own identity to collaborate and create a harmonious new one in partnership with another, is relatively new. For some, as the art form of graffiti can often be an ego driven sport, once you create your alter ego and establish it achieving some recognition, it’s hard to let it go. Luckily for the movement of graffiti itself, the progression of this attachment to an alter ego has already outgrown itself and run parallel with a general “growing up”, of the culture and its participants. The result, plenty of artists out there, re-writing the code and creating exciting new ones for Graffiti artists and Studio artists alike, to learn from. SOBEKCIS is such a duo.

In there current show “Entity“, which opened February 15th at GOLDEN HANDS GALLERY in Hamburg, the duo explore the notion of when combining there two personal graffiti persona’s to create SOBEKCIS, a metamorphosis occurred which formed a new, completely unique, 3rd ENTITY. One that stands alone and speaks a new hybrid visual language, different to that of the two alter egos that existed before.

To experience it for yourself, check it out here


The strong bright colors seen in the works of ENTITY, further explore SOBEKCIS’s path of abstraction, interplaying with their interest in the forms of nature. The whole soup is cooked up with strong, flat opaque colors thanks to their heavy use of Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK and Montana ACRYLIC markers as well as the ACRYLIC refill color. Every form has been seasoned with their graffiti heritage and is carefully designed and placed within the graphically strong compositions. As with their name and persona becoming a new entity, the works combining their graffiti and studio art abilities also travel into another visual sphere that itself has also become a recognisable SOBEKCIS entity


Images by the artist – SOBEKCIS



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