For the SOBEKCIS brothers, an invitation to paint at a the Calle Libre Festival in Vienna Austria is not just an invitation to paint a mural anywhere. Not only are the brothers well connected in the vibrant city through their graffiti writing and art-making practices, but they are also ex-residents of the city after having undertaken study there in previous years. All the more reason why an invitation to paint at the Calle Libre Festival resulted in a two-week graffiti marathon and the emptying of as many Montana BLACK and GOLD cans as they could in good company.

Graffiti marathon after the Calle Libre Festival

With the assistance of fellow graffiti writers Vunik and Brüder Jakob, SOBEKCIS went about their journey to create as many artworks as they could in a limited time period. Styles of every orientation found their way onto the walls of Vienna and into the camera lenses of SOBEKCIS and possibly many lucky onlookers afterward. Abstract color compositions, and letter styles with not only unique formats but unique color schemes to match. Square format, rectangular format, long pieces, short pieces, throw-ups, and crew pieces all got their run of exposure between the four artists.

Styles of every orientation

Nothing short of efficient, the final creative toll was high and the people of and visitors to Vienna are sure to have some nice distractions to look over in the immediate future. All in the vibrant colors and opaque application that SOBEKCIS is known for. 

All images by the artist SOBEKCIS