The return of the SOBEKCIS brothers to the Dutch city of Rotterdam would usually be a thing of positivity. And for the most part, it was. After an artist residency in Amsterdam, SOBEKCIS extended their stay with another quick visit to the port city of Rotterdam for a mural project with former collaboration partners and visual arts foundation, MESH.

A battle against rain, wind, and opinions

Given the opportunity to paint the only flat wall of the amazing Quaker Oats factory next to the Maashaven subway station, the brothers quickly set out to create something bold, dynamic, and powered by the rich colors of the Montana GOLD can range. However, mother nature had other things in mind and progress was slow as the continual onset of rain and unmanageable wind meant windows of time to paint were small and few.

Location, location, location!

One of the wall’s strengths was the fact that it was the only flat concrete surface on the whole building. Located in a small passage alongside a bike path and the road passing the factory, it was the ideal situation for a SOBEKCIS contemporary artwork. An artwork which was one of their contemporary abstract designs, celebrating their graffiti roots and their current artistic approach. All in a space with no other visual distractions. However, it wasn’t to last.

Different opinions amongst writers and artists

Shortly after the SOBEKCIS mural was completed and documented, a graffiti mural of a quicker variety popped up on a brick wall to the left of the SOBEKCIS mural. Changing the impact that the SOBEKCIS mural had in its previous context. The situation was yet another reminder for SOBEKCIS that there are many varied opinions within the graffiti community of what may be right or wrong. Or at least that’s how SOBEKCIS saw it. But just like a river flowing through a valley, things change, increase, decrease, and move with the surroundings. Surroundings that are nevertheless more enjoyable to be in thanks to the work of the SOBEKCIS brothers. Take a look here to see the SOBEKCIS mural being made in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Images by the artist SOBEKCIS