Back in the days before internet, there was no better feeling then opening your letter box to find an envelope that was all dog eared, beaten up and may of had ink stains or possible dirt marks on it. It would be fat, heavy and the person who sent it probably spent all their time money to have the contents created. In the envelope would be photo’s. Glossy pieces of paper with images of graffiti goodness from anywhere in the world. Those days are all but gone, unless your a die hard pen pall that still prints all your photos. But the feeling can be the same in the new modern form of letterboxing. These days we have converted to inboxing. However that same feeling, in that same context occurred when we recently received an email to a Montana-Cans email address with an update of Sobekcis artworks. SOBEKCIS WHERE ARE THEY NOW

More Final Walls

The artist duo Sobekcis have no color boundaries and when loaded with some cans of Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD, anything is possible. Close the blinds and have the sun glasses close at hand to protect your eyes. Prepare to be impressed:

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