At Montana Cans, we provide quality tools for artists. We consider our products an extension of the writers and artists minds and hands – media to create and bring to life, usually put to use far off the white cube of museums and galleries. So, when artist Sophie Innmann approached us with her concept for selfie, we got reasonably curious.

The installation at the municipal gallery of Sindelfingen consist of 3 correlating elements made from stone that have been equipped with our Montana Black cans – while the distinctive names of our color tones (Power Blue, Knock Out Blue, Neptune, Whale, Ultramarine & Dark Indigo) correspond with the materials used. 2 characters enter the scene to lift the tiles on the cans – and suddenly material that had been resting for millions of years becomes an active creator. For twenty minutes, the room is hectic, filled with blue fog and hissing, calming down over the next 2 days before the cans finally settles to leave their final traces as a result.

Making of

Images by © S. Innmann

About the Artist
Sophie Innmann studied Fine Arts at the State Academy of Arts Karlsruhe and held multiple residencies in Paris, Stuttgart and Barcelona. Her work uses different media such as installation, painting, video & photography or human activity, while her proposals aim to outline the possibilities of how to create an image based on human existence. She has worked and exhibited at Regis Center for Art Minneapolis, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Kunsthalle Basel and her work will be a part of a collaboration between Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Simultanhalle Cologne.

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Among others, selfie can be seen as part of the group exhibition “Aktion&Malerei(Action & Painting) at Städtische Galerie Sindelfingen until March 2018.

Images by © S. Innmann & Manuel Franke

Exhibition “Aktion & Malerei”