Seeing an empty Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD can near a painted train is nothing new. But instead of the adrenalin filled night photo, or the blurred day photo just before the chase, Belgium’s SPRAY & PLAY have managed to secure some old trains located in As, that have been panted legally and will also be used as a youth culture centre point for workshops. The old rusty green carriages reek of rolling history. With the support of Montana Cans as well as national and international artists, many a panel and whole car has and probably will be done on these ancient beauties that sit idle on a rustic old station. Probably a dream for most older graffiti artists, have managed to make it a reality and given locals kids a chance to give it a try, legally. Spray Play Graffiti Event in As Belgium

Check the train

Legal Whole Cars in Belgium

Spray & Play Graffiti Event in As, Belgium – Take a moment to check it out here