Montana Cans and the graffiti community has the spray can well and truly entrenched in it’s history and very existence. The creation oft he Montana BLACK, Montana GOLD and Montana WHITE cans are a result of this history. For many years, aerosol related art has been a way of communication for millions of graffiti writers and general citizens around the globe. All of these groups have gravitated toward the spray can as an instantaneous tool to create and speak to the general public. The rise of the aerosol/urban art market after the boom of New York Subway graffiti in the 70’s and early 80’s meant that at some point slightly left of graffiti center artists like Banksy would have a platform to be heard from by the main stream also.

But long before this and during the creation of what we now now as Graffiti Art, many artists not only used the aerosol can to make art, they probably helped soften the path for some elements of graffiti to enter the main stream public sphere. In 2015 an exhibition called „Sprayed“ brought together some of the heavy weights and lesser know fine artists who until now had not had a chance to celebrate the use of the beloved Spray Can. The show took place at London’s Gagosian Gallery and included artists such as Andy Warhol, Paul Klee, Anish Kapoor and Jeff Koons. Sprayed – A celebration of spray paint

Take a moment to see the art making tool „Spray Paint“, that we know and love in a different context from a different time, in a different context:



All Images by Gagosian Gallery