Whats the most common cause of tooth decay? Sweets, chocolate, candy or sugar? No.. it’s ABE, ACES, ALIEN, ASTOR, BAKER, BAKERONER, BIATSCH, CANE, CREIS, CROW, DAWO, DICHT, DOIT, ELO, FOKUS, HOKER, JANE, JOSE, KIR, LITH, MÄF, MAJO, METS, MOCKA, NAEPS, OREO, OSMO, OSRE, PANZA, PASS, RIOT, ROCKER, SADE, SCHRIFTZUG, SHOW, SMOE, SPEED, SPORT, STOKER, TOES, TUZQ, TWIST, UZO, VENOM, VIRUS & ZINE. This mega list of artists were those who attended the Spring wall SUGAR SHOCK jam at Ratswegkreisel in Frankfurt Germany. Spring Wall Sugar Shock Graffiti Jam

With the route plan in the hands of Speed One, the jam was supported by Canpire – The Montana Cans Store Frankfurt and Naxos Atelier. Not only a sweet way to welcome the European spring, the jam was also a perfect way to have an excuse to use mainly the sweet and sugary colors of the Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD range.

Frankfurt am Main Hall Of Fame spring jam

With every box ticked on the preparation list, all that was needed then was the artists to show and the weather to assist. Thumbs up there too. With a long line of burners, take a seat and take a look here. Images by Jörg Udo Kuberek – www.mainstyle.org


Images by Jörg Udo Kuberek – www.mainstyle.org