On the 22nd of April „Springwall“ took place for the second time in Frankfurt am Main. Springwall 2018 – 45 writer used over 500 cans, 100 liters of paint on more that 1000qm to create one big concept wall. The wall was organized by Speedone, supported by Canpire, Naxos Atelier and MontanaCans.

Graffiti Artists
Abe, Atmo, Baker, Biatsch, Boboter one, Bud one, Core, Creis, Crek, Doit, Dusche89, Eat, Elo, Epos, Eras, Fokus, Geko, Hoker, Jose, Kent, Maef, Majo, Mets, Monkey, Norm, Obskur, Osik, Osmo, Panik, Panza one, Pass, Pore, Quapos, Redok, Rocker, Sade, Show one, Slow, Speed one, Sport one, Stoker, Toeser one, Uzo & Venom, Zine

Springwall Graffiti Event 2018