Graffiti, justl ike life is a battle and a competition to see who can survive and how. If you mix some friendly competetiveness, some fighting spirit and can loads of graffiti creativity, then you have a recipe for something special. SPRAYSPORT! On Saturday 22nd of July in Schmalkalden Germany, the SPRÜHSPORT battle took place and world class judges Akut (Herakut), Case & Tasso (Maclaim crew) and Keos (TMF) manned the judging standst o watch the artists go head to head. The athletes were put into 5 groups or teams and given a freshly painted 5 x 2m flat surface per team to rock the spot and show everyone what they were made of. DJ’s manned the decks to make sure the flow was tight and the artists were guided safely on their creative battle. SPRÜHSPORT GRAFFITI BATTLE SCHMALKALDEN

Put on your armour and stand at a safe distance to see how the battle went down:

The Winners

All images by SPRÜHSPORT