Since 2013, the Stadt.Wand.Kunst (SWK) organization has been inviting international artists to come and create world classed murals in Mannheim, Germany. Mural by mural the city of Mannheim has become an Open Urban Art Gallery that is accessible to everyone. Since the beginning Montana-Cans has been not only a official partner and supplier of all things color. We have also played a key role as co-curater and artist source from our vast network of top notch artists. Since 2013, 16 different murals of large proportion and international acclaim have been created which have all been captured in this re-cap teaser, 2013 till 2017. Not only inspirational, it is also an appetiser for the 2018 SWK event, which will feature headlining artists such as 1010, WAONE INTERESNI KASKI and THE LONDON POLICE.


Open Urban Art Gallery Mannheim, Germany

The running list of participating artists includes SatOne, Herakut, Stohead, Dimitri Aske, Homboog (Boogie & Hombre), Meiner, Sweetuno, Sobekcis, Mehrdad Zaeri und Christina Laube, Sainer & Bezt (ETAM CRU), Hendrik ECB Beikirch, Alexey Luka, Yazan Halwani, NEVERCREW and Low Bros. Watch this space as 2018 SWK is going to be BIG!

Stadt.Wand.Kunst Murals Recap 2013 – 2018

HERAKUT „My Superhero Power is Forgiveness“

DMITRI ASKE „The Modern Thinker“

Andre Morgner and Pablo Fontagnier (Homboog)

Philip Himmel aka MEINER

Cédric Pintarelli aka SWEETUNO


STOHEAD „Rhythm“

SatOne „Insomnia“

Mehrdad Zaeri and Christina Laube „Freiheitstesterin“

SAINER Etam Cru „Baseball Sketch“

BEZT Etam Cru „Europe“

Hendrik Beikirch „Vera“ (Siberia Serie)

Alexey Luka „Untitled“

Yazan Halwani “The Inevitability Of Leaving Things Behind“

NEVERCREW „Propagating Machine“

Low Bros „NEW WAVE“

Photography by MontanaCans / Stadt.Wand.Kunst – Alexander Krziwanie, Manuel Wagner, Dominik Baum

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