If Donald Trump was to say “Let’s make Graffiti great again”, then Step In The Arena (SITA) would have to keep him quiet. SITA has become a world famous graffiti meeting that goes above and beyond the classic “Graffiti Jam”. An international bench mark for modern day style writing, SITA attracts artists from all over the world that challenge, inspire and push each other to make great graffiti and beyond. With a massive arsenal of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans on site, this year all artists had the welcomed support of the not all to present Dutch summer sun. Nearly ever possible style of modern and classic graffiti was represented from letters, characters to abstract.

The crew at Dynamo and Emoves who painstakingly prepare for the event the whole year, have well and truly out done themselves yet again. Which makes it easy for Montana-Cans to be a proud supporter. The line (below) was a role call of local, European and international greats. The list included.

Finish Walls

Eindhoven, Netherlands heats up with color

STEP IN THE ARENA 2018 – Eindhoven

Pro176, Smug, Bonzai, Kent, Mr. Wany, L’outsider, Mr. Woodland, Shane, Bims, Petro, Slak, SokarUno, Wert, Akuze, Leans, Akue, Asmoe, Nes2, Corte, Chas, Dater, Nash, Puaks, Nilko, Reser, StereoHeat, Mr. June, Selone, Mr. Mister, Druid, Zenk, Nasty Sons, Zime & Sektie, Gomand, Klaas Lageweg, Sunk, News, Cry, Dilk, Ros, Sher, Ick, Deshamer, Toe, Obskur, Note, Novadead, Snub23, Semor, Pout, Phixe21, Tank, Twik913, Faker, Cesar, Driper, Mobar, Skore 79, Mone, Show, Norm, Skream, Remon, Nask, Piet Rodriquez, Defo, Rize, B-Art, Amatic, Ubel, Kont, Shez, Sign, Spoce, Dusk, Fleks, Knals, Erase, Runs, Psy, Drone, Steen, Maedist, EDMX, Riq Etiq, Vito, Stellaconfuse, Bustart, Carl Kenz, Dzia….

Young talent wall: Acter (SLO), Heks (NL), Svame (I), Aces (B), Scep (Mal), Dhot (NL), Zoy (F), Salke (NO), Dye (NL), Noks (SRB), Nerk (UKR). Take a long moment here to see the talent for yourself. You will not be disappointed.