The SITA After movie, still keeps bringing the heat

In the Netherlands, there is never a guarantee that it will be warm or dry in September. However on the 25th and 26th of September 2021, there was not only a pleasant temperature for graffiti writers to paint in, but it was also burning hot in De Berenkuil for the 12th annual Step In The Arena graffiti festival, presented by the DYNAMO team. With yet another epic lineup of national and international artists, SITA was again heavily visited (under strict guidelines) by the participating artists, graffiti and street art enthusiasts, as well as the usual array of locals that use the Berenkuil location as pedestrian and cycling thorofare through their city.

Every style, every color

Mountains of Montana GOLD and BLACK cans were emptied in harmony and celebration as music and chatter played on all around in one of Europes largest graffiti festival events which is responsible for some of the most exciting urban artworks made in the Netherlands. Regardless of the state of our current pandemic-affected world, graffiti showed that it still can bring people from all walks of life together, even if at a safe distance. 

The lineup included Deih (ES), Kanos (F), Wow123 (D), Cekios (AU), Malakkai (ES), Drik (D), Sukoe (D), SuperSpray (D), Bobby Analog (D), Jakob (AT), Rash (II), Irony (UK), NES crew (Sender, Serch, Azhq, Bel, Herz) (NL), IMP crew (Grim, Drone, Melo, Wish, Reich) (NL), Loveletters crew (Nash, Nilko, Dater, Reser, Puaks, Chas) (NL/D/F/IT), Corn (IT), Nean (B), Novadead (B), Marcel Thelen (NL), Kinos (NL), Druid (NL), Rumbl (NL), Micha de Bie (NL), Otner (NL), Kapesex (Peru), Hugo/DHM (NL), Simian Switch (NL), Lobster Robin (B), Kitsune Jolene (B),Simo(B), Iota (B), Eyes B(B), Mr.June(NL), Zenkone(NL), Gomad (NL), Pout (D), Dphazer (NL), Serge KB (NL), Beyond (NL), Semor (D), Mister (NL), Selone (NL), Mickey (NL), Jake (NL), Neas (NL), Sunk (NL), Cry (NL), Dilk (UK), Nasty Sons (Mega, Romeo, Etrs) (NL), Derm (li), Norm (D), Stoke (D), Erase (NL), Moter (D), Nils Westergar 1d (NL), 9-t,pie (NL), Rize (B), Eltipo (B), Manyak (F), Klash (NL), Jolilnny the Boy (B), Sapo (NL), Zime & Sektie (NL), Mata (B), Yasja Ligtelijn (NL), Djoels (B), Moron (NL), Savie (NL), Deshamer (NL), Pink Panther (B), Obese (NL), Surch (NL), Mate (D), Alpha (NL), Fokus (F), Acse (NL), Runs (NL), Dase (B), HMX (NL), Ubel (D), Real (NL), Koesh (NL), Uno & Narco(e (NL), Lenas (NL), Sign (NL), Heksr (NL), Sonik (NL), Clone (NL), Cartoon gang (NL), Doodkonijn (NL), Nina Valkhoff (NL), Amanda Guerra (NL), SuusNr1 (NL), RenNL (NL), NinaPaintina (NL), Emesa (D).
Young talent wall: Briks (NL), Padvinder (NL), Rvspèkie (NL), Heny (B), Yeko (ES), Darko (B), Patha (PT), Home87 (CH), Pens (NL), Phak (NL), Slak arts (UK).

One of the biggest graffiti festivals in Europe

There are no limits to the artworks created at SITA. Every style whether simple or wild, every color whether dynamic or monotone and a whole lot more is a given when SITA is underway. With its usual vigor, there is a space for every skill level with some of Europe’s Kings and Queens, leading the way in the presence of some of the hottest up-and-coming juniors. All captured on the SITA 2021 After movie, reminding us of how the heat still keeps on coming, even if some of the pieces are long gone. Take a look and feel the heat here.

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