Some graffiti events have worked long and hard over many years to build up momentum so that their event can roll on and develop year after year. Although the Covid virus has put a stop to a lot of public events, in this article we see how the organizers of STEP INTO THE ARENA did not let that momentum slow. SITA 2020 – All Color Are Beautiful “secret” edition. The Step In The Arena started humbly in 2010 at the Berenkuil, Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Year after year it developed bringing together amazing graffiti talent locally, and from all over the world. As with many events in 2020, this year it had to be officially canceled due to Coronavirus restrictions, and for prevention of “gathering crowds”. But this is graffiti, and where there is a will, there is away.

All Colors Are Beautiful

Dynamo, the official organizers of the event were not just going to let all that hard work come to a halt. Their response, Step In The Arena 2020 – All Colors Are Beautiful edition. Although secret, this meeting still managed to bring 27 (mostly Dutch) artists together, to create a concept that celebrated inclusivity, and of course, COLOR! With nearly every color in the rainbow used thanks to the Montana GOLD and BLACK cans, the Berenkuil was once again transformed into an explosion of creativity.

The fingers on the trigger ends of the cans were: Tymon de Laat, Sapo, Mister, Zenkone, Gomad, Rumbl, Yasha Ligtelijn, Simian Switch, Pout (D), Norm (D), Stoke(D), Sektie, Studio Giftig, Sunk, Neas, Beyond, Chas, Puaks, Nash, Dater (D), Reser (I), Smug (UK), Real and Koesh.

The symbol of the graffiti community as an inclusive one, at a time where the rest of the world is being forced to isolate, is honorable. Honor aside, as per every year, the artworks were fresh, and innovative graffiti style writing was once again the flavor of the day. See for yourself here.

All images by @LukeDaDuke