For every yin there is a yang. The Step In The Arena graffiti festival in Eindhoven Netherlands is no exception. Logically the artists that step in the arena need to step out. But there is no half-steppin!

The Step Out Of The Arena afterburner

Step Out Of The Arena (SOOTA) took place shortly after the creative hangers of SITA started to fade. This time staying in the home of SITA, Eindhoven, SOOTA was like the aftershock to the earthquake that was SITA. Confused? Don’t be. The artists still hanging around after the main event got together to rock a concept wall that was not located at the SITA site. The Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans that were still warm from the days before were at the ready for a color connected afterburner.

Making of

Take a look at how history was made here.

Final Walls

The artists in control of the cans were.

Made 514 (ITA), TelmoMiel (NL), Chas (NL),Neist (FR), HrvB (D),Rate (BUL), FatHeat (HUN), Dater (D), Mister (NL), Fleks (NL), Dart (SE), Aroe (UK), Babs (FR), Nilko (FR), Bios (UKR), Zmogk (RUS), Truba (RUS), Novadead (B), Puaks (NL), Saker (ES), Fork (HUN), Beyond (NL), Ceser 87 (ES), Reser (ITA), Riot1394 (D), Norm (D), Fokus (FR), Kush (NL), Jos Hoppenbrouwers (NL), Real (NL), Toren (ES) & Angel26 (HUN)

The PSV Laan had a make over that would leave as much impact as the SITA event itself. With the sweat wiped off their brows, the artists could be proud of their work and return back to normal life. Thankfully @Lukedaduke managed to document the whole thing to preserve in history

Images by @lukedaduke