The Indonesian artist STEREOFLOW (aka Adi Dharma) is a confessed kid of the ’80s. He makes no apologies for enjoying the aesthetics of the ’80s and translating them into his own style of contemporary urban art. His use of high contrasting colors and vibrant color schemes make us want to dance like we are listening to an 80’s song.

Artwork to make you dance like an 80’s song

A long way from his graffiti background, which started in 1997, STEREOFLOW has experimented with many elements of creativity including graffiti style writing, paintings, murals, canvas work, paste-up’s and installations.

“The world is a dancefloor and I gotta make everybody dance”


His recent mural in Cipete, one of the districts famous for its creative industry in Jakarta, STEREOFLOW attempted to bring some refreshment and hope for the people of Jakarta, as many regions of Indonesia are in various phases of lockdown.

For STEREOFLOW and the graffiti writers of Indonesia, there is little to no exclusion between the generations. or as STEREOFLOW says himself, “we are all trying to have fun, and that’s what graffiti should be about.” A strong message that is identifiable in the inspiring work STEREOFLOW puts his heart and soul into. Take a moment here to see the making of the Cipete mural, and a few other bits and pieces of his dynamic work.

“We are all trying to have fun, and that’s what graffiti should be about”


All images by the artist STEREOFLOW