StolenSpace Gallery presents Low Bros – WIRED. Recognised for their vivid compositions and Retro Futuristic animal portraits, Berlin based duo Low Bros Present ’Wired’; the next chapter exploring social and individual Identity in a digital age. ‘Wired’ marks a subtle shift in direction for the Low Bros, an adjustment in the creative scope of their work. From the nostalgic identity of a subcultural past, ‘Wired’ focuses the cultural identity of an evermore metaphysical present. Through muted palettes and minimal compositions, ‘Wired’ centres the graphic form of the Wolf. The Wolf floats in no discernible space, often duplicated or fractured among recognisable objects from contemporary culture and nature. His surface appears to be made from hard, durable materials like concrete or marble. Like a fortress, his walls protect something vulnerable, as we explore his form, soft spots are revealed to us in pink fleshy tones. StolenSpace Gallery presents Low Bros WIRED

Exhibition Dates: 07.04.17 – 23.04.17

Gallery Info

StolenSpace gallery exhibits a genre of work that has been variously labelled as ‘Underground Art’, ‘Street Art’ or ‘Urban Art’. Some of our artists have a background in Graffiti and Street Art, but not exclusively – all however, are influenced by society’s prevailing subcultures where there are few rules and anything is possible. Now in our tenth year StolenSpace continues to let the life-giving vitality of this environment that has long been overlooked by traditional galleries. Source:


Image by Halopigg

About the Artist
The Low Bros are an artist duo, made up of brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt – formerly active graffiti writers Qbrk and Nerd. Incorporating influences taken from graffiti, hip hop, skateboarding, the Low Bros invite you to explore the ‘Low Bro universe’, an assemblage of signs and symbols embodying the conflicts of the modern age. Their work comprises several reoccurring characters all constructed from bold geometric shapes and vivid patterns. As the viewer begins to deconstruct these forms, the complexity of their aesthetic is revealed with each symbol introducing another layer to explore. The contrast in the forms is as evident as the conflict with our human sensibilities…hardwired to progress but an innate urge to return to the past.

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The Low Bros just came back from Art Basel Miami, where they left two walls. One was painted at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse, the other at the Electric Pickle, a nightclub in Wynwood. They went together with their buddies of Millerntor Gallery and Viva con Agua from their hometown Hamburg.

Images by Noah Felk

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