The German artist 1010 has been blowing minds for many years. Creating portals, layers and depth in surfaces and spaces where the viewer is not aware that they exist is what he does best. Whether it be a sharp geometric system or a fluid free flowing organic looking one. Prepare to be drawn in, down or up into a space that only exists visually. In the flesh, it is just an illusion on a simple flat surface, like any other painting or mural, but very different. STUDIO WORK GERMAN ARTIST 1010


His indoor, studio and canvas works are exquisite. Illusions just keep going in any size or medium. A master of his craft, he conjures up notions of deep ocean crevesses, volcanic declines or digital portals into a darkness we cannot make out. Using tone and gradients, 1010 bedazzles the eyes and challenges the brain. The Color palette of Montana GOLD’s low pressure spray paint as well as Montana ACRYLIC paint belong to 1010 favorite tools of choice. STUDIO WORK GERMAN ARTIST 1010


See also 1010 talking (German) about his 2016 mural in Heidelberg – not far from the MONTANA-CANS headoffice for the 2nd METROPOLINK Festival 



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