A sneak peak in the studio

Many artists and particularly graffiti artists, have grown up seeing opaque, bright colored artworks. But coverage isn’t everything when your painting portraits. Thanks to the Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT range, artists like HOMBRE SUK can let loose and stretch their creative abilities. On a recent sneak peak into his studio, Hombre was found creating an illustration style portrait of a young lady. He used mostly Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors and a little Montana BLACK for selected touches. The work in its predominantly grey and white tones, is a classic example of his current artwork. Studiowork by Hombre with the Montana GOLD Transpartent

work in process
We were lucky to capture a few photos of the visit and some film was able to put all of them into context. Take a moment here to see whats possible when less is more.

Using Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors

HOMBRE – A sneak peak in the studio

Studiowork by Hombre with the Montana GOLD Transpartent tones

Finally sealed with Montana VARNISH matte for additional protection and longevity

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