Hiroshima, Japan. For anyone old enough to know it’s recent past, just these words conjure up the imagination and sadness in the minds of many. Looking into the past does not always help to create a positive future. That is unless you are Japanese artist SUIKO who manages to do just that.   Located in Hiroshima and born in Oita, SUIKO is one of the most respected graffiti artists in Japan that is also a designer in various mediums. From a classic graffiti background, SUIKO has managed to take classic style-writing to a whole new realm. With the addition of calligraphy, Ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock printmaking), and a lust for travel, his artwork now travels more in the direction of graffiti-fueled Chinese character design. 

SUIKO in London

A video highlighting Japanese graffiti artist, SUIKO​

On a recent trip to London, SUIKO was captured in the act, making one of his dynamic images come to life in front of the camera. With a unique Japanese flair, SUIKO took control of his Montana GOLD and BLACK cans and brought his design to an impressive conclusion. His display of grace and calm was a bonus, as the artwork itself needed no assistance to impress the audience. Take a look here at how his image came to life.

All images by the artist SUIKO