You maybe familiar with the saying, “all that glitters ain’t gold”. In some cases this is true, but not in the case of a Montana BLACK goldchrome which is renowned for its “bling” effect. So much so, that it became the main ingredient for the SUMMER WALL 2019, at the Ratswegkreisel Hall of Fame in Frankfurt, Germany. With the title “GOLD RUSH”, the graffiti jam took place with a golden salute with every piece having the vibrant Montana BLACK goldchrome color as it’s main fill. Admittedly there were plenty of other Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans in circulation generally. But the striking bling of gold was the flavor of the day.

GOLD RUSH in Frankfurt, Germany

The people behind the cans, behind the art, were strong and many. To be exact, the talented list of graffiti artists were: Aces, Alien, Arno, Boboter, Core, Doit, Jane, Keam, Kir, Meaf, Mets, Mocka, Monk, Naps, Norm, Oron, Osre, Panik, Pastor, PASS, Retro, Riot, Schriftzug, Speed, Seiar, Sport, Stoker, Smok, Uzo, Vermont, Virus, Yours, Yorke, Zine and unencrypted.


With nearly every letter of the alphabet covered, the gold rush spanned across numerous meters of wall space. Take a look here at the complete event.

Images by Jörg Udo Kuberek –