Back in late 2017, we introduced you to German artist and Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD can addict, SUPERSPRAY. Also known as Hotdog of the GBR crew, SUPERSPRAY educated us in the right way to do things. At least the right way for him. With a little water under the bridge, SUPERSPRAY has since emptied a lot of cans exploring a lot of ideas and most likey eating a lot of hot dogs. Or at least his current work leed us to believe he at least likes them.

His works dance between classic innovative BLADE era, raw, stock cap graffiti. And ventures a long way down the contemporary visual graffiti road, taking characters, vibrant color and HOT DOG along for the ride. A little something for anyone who is a keen observer of graffiti.

Superspray AKA Hotdog GBR13 Graffiti Update

With a reoccurring motif of three eyed characters, SUPERSPRAY makes images that make us smile, make us reflect and make us think. Even die hard graffiti fans find themselves asking, “where did he get that from”. Loose yourself within his latest works here!