SWEETUNO Graffiti Update. SWEETUNO has be writing his name over and over again for decades. It has often struck the Swiss born artist that resides in Germany, that there could be so much more that he could be painting. But after literally decades of writing the same word and reflecting upon it, a maturer SWEET with life experience and a path of trial and error behind him confidently says this is exactly what he wants to do. The foundation of the artists work always extended upward from white paper with black marker line work. Tags, throws and pieces all stemmed from this foundation of the black outline which is essential to SWEET’s personal taste. Even today his fascination with the word SWEET and strong black lines has never decreased.

The outline as foundation

His creative process whether it be with a Montana BLACK or GOLD can in hand, an inked up BOLD marker, or paint brush loaded with black paint, is always like a dance. The artist’s other life as actor feeds his act of painting. Each carefully planned, yet spontaneous letter having swing and movement as if it was the letters of invention that will help the people dance out of their problems. Necessity is the mother of all invention, and for SWEET the need for new, fresh and dynamic is what connects the idea, to the drawn, to the painted and back again. Take a moment here to lose yourself in some of his current work all exploring the path from throw up/sketch to painting. All connected with the fundamental black outline.

All images by the artist SWEETUNO