Switzerland is not just a great place to go skiing or hiking in the mountains. The streets and walls of nearly every city are humming with great ideas and above all great pieces. Where ever there are great pieces there is Montana BLACK and GOLD. And in the Swiss city of Zurich, there is also a fair share of talented artists that know how to use them. Enter our friends from www.dosendesler.ch who were the organizers of the recent TAKE OVER JAM. With all the right ingredients and an impressive indoor/outdoor location, they pulled together a jam of heavy hitters from around the globe to make some extremely impressive graffiti art. TAKE OVER JAM ZURICH

Making of

Graffiti Jammin in Switzerland

Featuring artists like Boogie, Smash137, Tizer and Beat (full list below), there was no disappointment for the full gamut of styles, concepts and color schemes. If you didn’t get a long to see it, you can see it now here.

Full line up: Mower, Plus, Rays, Skor72, Smash137, Bane & Pest, MaGix, Boogie, Chromeo, Malik, Meats87, Cash, Ksen, Tizer, Nior, Buton, Atelierwandart, Trusk,Osmo Akryl, Cyot, Suxes, Oibel1, Janys, Crime, Mosk, Bowes, Zato, Kobe, Dope, Lone, XXX, Faber, Sekahr, Roker, Ayos, Nozar, Jmok, Sihl, Poks and Beat.

Images by Simon Boschi & Remo Hexspoor