Georgia’s Tbilisi Mural Fest recently marked its 5th anniversary, transforming the urban canvases of Tbilisi and Kutaisi into vibrant works of art. This event solidified Tbilisi’s standing as an international nexus of street art. The celebrated lineup included artists such as Telmo Miel, Milu Korech, Slim Safont, wedo Goas, Gera, Tina Chertova, Vesod, Tiago Mazza, Giorgi Pablo Kalandarishvili, and Sasha Korban. Each brought their unique flair, contributing to the rich tapestry of the fest.

A notable addition to this year’s festival was the innovative 3D video mapping by Berlin’s Stefan Ihmig from Studio ReSorb, adding a multi-dimensional art experience. Founder Besik Maziashvili reflected, “Over the past five years, Tbilisi Mural Fest has transformed Georgia’s urban landscapes. With over 60 murals created since its inception, our cities have evolved into sprawling art galleries.”

The 2023 Festival edition was supported once more by MONTANA-CANS and stands out for its creativity and the legacy it adds to Tbilisi’s vibrant art scene.

All images by Tbilisi Mural Fest

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