The city of Tbilisi plays many roles in the country of Georgia. It is the nation’s capital, the largest city in Georgia and it has had a very dynamic history to match. With both Persian and Russian control in the past, the city plays an important role as a transit city connecting Eastern Europe, with Asia. In 2019 however, the city also achieved colorful acclaim as the home of the Tbilisi Mural Fest. Also known as Tiflis, in 2019 the city was transformed into an open-air public exhibiting space by a star-studded line up of national and international artists.

Tbilisi Mural Festival 2019

With the support of Montana Cans, Tbilisi City Hall and the Berlin Senate, the featured artists utilizing their favorite Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans were Case Maclaim, Innerfields, KERA, HVRB, El, Bocho, Snyder, Collin van der Sluijs, Quintessenz, Musya Qeburia, Luka Japaridze, and V45. With such a diverse and dynamic background as Tbilisi has, it was a given that the artworks created would reflect such diversity.

All things ‘mural’ in the Georgian capital

With a wide array of architecture to inspire, whole buildings were transformed from functional objects into works of art. Founded by artist Besik Maziashvili, the inaugural Mural Fest set it’s focused on Berlin-based artists however the artwork itself was world standard. A new experience for the locals, everybody welcomed the interaction and cultural exchange with the creators. Not to mention the open-air concert which brought the festival to a close and left all involved with a great sense of achievement. Share the highlights here.


Images by Anna Kacheishvili and Besik Maziashvili