The Teenage Kicks Biennale in Rennes, France, has been a prominent event in the city’s urban art scene since its inaugural edition in 2013. This biennial event, known as the Wall of Fame, has become a must-see on the international graffiti calendar, attracting around thirty talented artists who transformed the Boulevard du Colombier’s wall into a vibrant canvas in September.

These two days of artistic celebration offered a unique opportunity for artists and the public to come together while witnessing the creation of captivating works of art. It was a true meeting point for creativity and community engagement.

In addition to the graffiti art, the Teenage Kicks Biennale offered a diverse range of activities and entertainment. Visitors enjoyed live concerts and DJ sets, participated in art workshops designed for young audiences, and savored delicious offerings from food trucks and refreshment stalls.

As for the guest artists who graced the event, the lineup was truly international, showcasing talent from various corners of the globe:

Lady Pink (USA), Smith (USA), Lady Sheva (USA), Klor (Canada), Nihao (Brazil), Muretz (Brazil), Vents137 (UK), Sarme (Croatia), Neon (Croatia), Rosy (Switzerland), Sawe (Spain), Still Alive (Switzerland), Atom (Germany), Horst (Germany), Jakob (Austria), Jaek (France), Jober (France), Poes (France), Pone (France), Nasty (France), Scien (Canada), Darco (France), Mist (France), Jayone (France), Chek (Turkey), Yuka (France), Sacre (France), Zeko (France), Bob59 (France) and Loutsider (France).

Images by Patrice Poch & David Barbançon

The Teenage Kicks Biennale was an exhilarating celebration of urban art and culture that took place in September, where both established and emerging artists came together to transform Rennes into a vibrant canvas of creativity. Equipped with the Montana Cans BLACK or GOLD line, it was indeed an exceptional event on the international graffiti scene!